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Minimum wage increase not a solution

Those who advocate for a higher minimum wage law appear to have the best interests of workers as their concern. But as is almost always the case when government intervenes into markets, the unintended consequences create more harm than good.

Regulation for the sake of business

There are many examples of how the conventional wisdom regarding regulation is wrong, That wisdom being Republicans and conservatives are in bed with government, seeking to unshackle business from the burden of government regulation. Democrats and liberals, on the other hand, are busily crafting regulations to protect the middle class from the evils of big business. As it turns out, both Democrats and Republicans love creating regulations, and big business loves these regulations. Business often uses government regulation as way to harm its competitors or gain advantage for itself, which is contrary to the principles of free markets and capitalism.

Raising minimum wage not the solution

As calls mount to raise the federal minimum wage, we need to remember that this law -- as well-intentioned as it may be -- is not the solution to unemployment or raising the standard of living of workers.

Stossel: The state against blacks

John Stossel's most recent television program was titled "The State Against Blacks," and it dealt with the topics of affirmative action, welfare, and the minimum wage.

Stossel on politicians’ promises

A television show by John Stossel shows how government programs often don't work as promised and cause unintended and harmful consequences.

In Central-Northeast Wichita, government is cause of problem, not solution

From the November 2007 archives. Since then, the Wichita schools have a new superintendent, and Kansas has raised its minimum wage.

An article in The Wichita Eagle “Plan offers hope for city's troubled heart” (November 14, 2007) reports on the development of a plan named New Communities Initiative, its goal being the revitalizing of a depressed neighborhood in Wichita. The saddest thing in this article is the realization that there is consideration of a plan for large-scale government intervention to solve problems that are, to a large extent, caused by government itself.

Who will watch for Kansas minimum wage victims?

Today, the new Kansas minimum wage law takes effect. It's likely that as employers are required to pay their workers more, some will lose their job.

So now minimum wage supporters have a duty to perform. They need to watch for people who may lose their job and for companies that may close due to this law's effect.

Kansas minimum wage advocates now have a duty

A higher Kansas minimum wage has passed both houses of the Kansas legislature and is waiting for the governor's signature. Now minimum wage supporters have a duty to perform. It's likely that as employers are required to pay their workers more, some will lose their job.

Kansas minimum wage: wrong questions

A recent letter in the Wichita Eagle asks these questions: "Who would work for $2.65 an hour? State legislators don't get paid much, that is true. But would they work for $2.65 an hour? Would they send their sons or daughters to a job that paid that little?"

These questions are intended to stir up sympathy for low-wage workers in Kansas. It is, indeed, not a good situation when someone has such low productivity that they can't command a very high wage.

Kansas minimum wage

A group in Kansas is pressing for raising the state minimum wage. Will raising it help or harm low-wage earners? And are the policy goals -- taken in their entirety -- of the groups pressing for a higher minimum wage in the best interest of workers?

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