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Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for November 30, 2009.

Play Powerball for the good of the Kansas budget?

In an explanation presented to the Kansas House Appropriations Committee of how the Kansas state budget was balanced by Governor Mark Parkinson Monday, there's a line item "Powerball income tax windfall." The amount is $3.1 million, the result of a Kansan having won the multi-state jackpot not long ago.

‘Efficiency Kansas’ introduced in Wichita

At stops in Topeka and Wichita, Kansas officials introduced the Efficiency Kansas loan program.

This is a program funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, better known as the stimulus bill. In Kansas, the State Energy Office, a subsidiary of the Kansas Corporation Commission, was awarded $38 million to foster energy efficiency for homes and businesses in Kansas. That office will manage the program.

Watkins addresses Kansas budget, Republicans, schools

Speaking at at the regular weekly meeting of the Wichita Pachyderm Club on May 22, 2009, Kansas House of Representatives member Jason Watkins addressed the Kansas budget, Kansas Republicans, and school spending.

Regarding the budget during the past legislative session, which ended in May: Watkins felt there was an opportunity for reform that the legislature should have taken advantage of. The injection of federal stimulus money, however, reduced the urgency of the Kansas budget crisis, and no reform took place.

Articles of Interest

Wichita TIF development, Kansas coal, Carl Brewer on downtown, Dick Coe on crash and recovery, Fox's Glenn Beck.

Green energy policies causing harm in Europe

In their Washington Times article Lessons from Europe, Iain Murray, Gabriel Calzada, and Carlo Stagnaro warn us in the United States about "green" energy policies that have been implemented in Europe. These harmful policies are just like the ones we are considering here.

Kansas Governor in 2010

Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia has a great website and accompanying email newsletter. In its own words: “Larry…

Academic Study Challenges Projections of Green Jobs

Global warming alarmists often argue that transforming our economy to reliance on "green" sources of energy is good because millions of jobs will be created. These new green jobs, it is claimed, will drive our economy forward and create wealth.

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