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Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday October 11, 2010

Today: Education, Initiative and referendum, Jerry Moran, Kansas fourth district, Kris Kobach, Mark Parkinson, Raj Goyle, Regulation, Rhonda Holman, Sam Brownback, School choice, and Wichita Pachyderm Club.

Texting bans haven’t worked

In an attempt to increase highway safety, many states have passed bans on texting while driving. But the bans haven't worked, and some states have experienced an increase in crashes.

How does Kansas rank in economic freedom?

In measures of economic and personal freedom, Kansas ranks relatively well among the states, but lags behind some neighboring states. Recent actions by the Kansas legislature might drive its ranking down.

Kansas sales tax increase starts today

Today Kansans will face an added tax burden on retail purchases, as the statewide sales tax rate goes up by one cent per dollar. Touted by its backers like Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson as a "one percent" increase in the tax, it is actually an increase of (6.3 - 5.3) / 6.3 = 15.9 percent.

Kansas ‘pigs at the trough’ award goes to …

Dietz said that earlier this year, an organization had labeled schools as "pigs at the trough." Saying she is speaking for herself only and not on behalf of any organization, Dietz noted that "Mark is our lead lobbyist for K-12 education, and Diane represents Wichita Public Schools." She presented both with a memento that had something to do with pigs and oinking.

Kansas Democrats described as ‘imploding’

Larry J. Sabato, who is director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, is a respected analyst of national who publishes Sabato's Crystal Ball, an informative look at campaigns and races around the country.

In the most recent issue Sabato takes a look at 2010 gubernatorial races and concludes that "There’s now no question that the gubernatorial turnover in November will be historic." He estimates that Republicans will add six or seven states to the count of those states with Republican governors

Kansas News Digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for May 21, 2010.

Kansas Senate passes tax bill, on to House

Tonight the Kansas Senate passed its tax bill, adding about $330 million in new taxes for fiscal year 2011, which begins on July 1, 2010. The primary source of the new tax revenue is a one cent on the dollar increase in the sales tax. The measure passed with 23 votes in the 40 member Senate.

Kansas is a Republican, not conservative, state

A recent editorial prepared by the Kansas Republican Party concluded with: "Kansas Republicans are presenting a united front with sound plans to meet the challenges of a 21st century economy. Our philosophy centers on liberating the promise of the individual and family as the answer, not more government growth, on a path to prosperity."

That's a fiscally conservative message. The practice of many Kansas Republicans, however, is far removed from this message advocating limited government. Kansas Republicans, especially the Senate leadership, are working to increase taxes in Kansas in a way that leads to more government growth at the expense of many thousands of private sector jobs in favor of government jobs.

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