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Posts tagged as “Mark Parkinson”

Kansas school spending and achievement

From Dr. Walt Chappell, a discussion of Kansas school spending. Chappell served on the Kansas State Board of Education from 2009 to 2012.

Shortchanging Kansas schoolchildren, indeed

This month the New York Times published an editorial that advocates for more spending on Kansas public schools. While getting some facts wrong, the piece also overlooks the ways that Kansas schoolchildren are truly being shortchanged.

Kansas Democrats wrong on school spending

While the Kansas Democratic Party apologized last week for misstating candidates' voting record on two mail pieces, the party and its candidates continue a campaign of misinformation regarding spending on Kansas public schools.

Dangers of texting while driving: Are laws the solution?

Texting while driving is dangerous. But the government solution -- passing laws against texting while driving -- haven't worked, and some states have experienced an increase in crashes after implementing texting bans.

Kansas Governor Parkinson says “thank you”

Outgoing Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson has released a list of his favorite achievements, almost all of which decreased economic freedom and business vitality in Kansas.

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