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Wichita City Council Member Lavonta Williams

Wichita election results equal status quo, worse

The result of yesterday's elections in Wichita is an endorsement for the status quo. For those interested in liberty, free markets, and education in Wichita, the election was a total disaster.

Lavonta Williams still exploiting dead man

"I received a new mailer today from Lavonta and she is STILL using the dead man's name as a supporter. This is clearly intentional and unacceptable."

Another unlikely Lavonta Williams voter

Today’s Wichita Eagle contains a story that provides some detail behind something readers of this blog already knew. The Eagle story Campaign mailer listed endorsement…

Williams — King — Minnesota Guys connection raises concern

There's a triangle of influence and connections that should raise flags of caution as voters decide the makeup of the Wichita city council.

At the center is Beth King, a Wichita public relations executive. She's well known in city hall, having managed the mayoral campaign of Carl Brewer in 2007. She's said to be a close advisor to him. Her name is so familiar that when her emails are forwarded among department heads in city hall, she's referred to as simply "Beth." No last name is necessary.

Wichita political endorsements from the other side

A recent mailing by Wichita city council candidate Lavonta Williams contains an endorsement that seems a bit implausible.

I don't know anything about the politics of Val Jackson, a prominent Wichita businessman who, in Williams' recent mailer, is listed under the heading "Join us in voting WILLIAMS on April 7."

But I do know he died in 2002.

Wichita City Arts tech studio proposed

Randy Roebuck, in a presentation at the Wichita city council workshop, promoted the idea of a "digital oasis" in Wichita. It would be a place where people can go to get free help with technologies such as cell phones and computers

From Kevass Harding to Lavonta Williams

One of the unusual sightings on the campaign finance report filed last month by Lavonta Williams, current Wichita city council member and candidate for re-election, is two contributions totaling $1,000 from Kevass Harding and his wife. These contributions represent the maximum it was possible for two people to give at the time.

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