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Charles G. Koch: Why Koch Industries is speaking out

In today's Wall Street Journal, Charles G. Koch, who is chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, writes that economic freedom -- not government spending and intervention -- leads to prosperity and economic well-being for all, even for our poorest citizens.

Koch critics examined

Critics of Charles and David Koch allege that the philanthropists have tried to hide their political involvement and contributions over the years. While false, many uncritically believe it. And at the same time, the media gives Koch critics a pass on their lack of transparency.

Growth of Wichita’s Koch Industries profiled

Wichita-based Koch Industries has grown during the recent recession by looking for companies with long-term value that will fit in with Koch's company culture.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Tuesday November 16, 2010

Today: American Majority, Community Improvement Districts, Kansas legislature, Kansas Reporter, Sam Brownback, Tea Party, Wind power, Global warming alarmism, Government spending, Wind power.

Lynn Jenkins: The only jobs Democrats care about are their own

Lynn Jenkins, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the second district of Kansas, writes that actions by Congressional Democrats are harming jobs prospects for Americans: "The American people elected us to do our jobs, but instead of focusing on that, Democrats in Washington have decided to wage a campaign against the very companies that eventually will get us out of this economic mess."

Political attacks by Obama camp endanger opportunity

Americans of all political persuasions can agree that we face serious national problems, including sluggish job growth and soaring federal spending. The way to solve these problems is by coming together, not by attacking each other. President Obama should call off the attack dogs, before they end up biting him too.

Mine safety regulations: do they work?

The mainstream media attack on Charles Koch, David Koch, and Koch Industries has reached the state of West Virginia. This time a newspaper criticizes the Charles G. Koch Foundation for supporting a "conservative Morgantown think tank and several positions at the West Virginia University economics department." A specific target of criticism is West Virginia University economics professor Russell S. Sobel and a collection of essays he edited.

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