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Posts tagged as “KEEP”

Kansas Wind Power Economic Benefit in Perspective

An editorial in the Wichita Eagle that promotes wind power as an economic benefit for for Kansas contains some reasoning that deserves examination before we commit to the author's cause.

Kansas Climate Change Group Changes

In his piece Separate But Still the Same, climate change alarmist watchdog Paul Chesser writes “A global warming alarmist group that masqueraded for the last…

Attitudes towards global warming are changing

Global warming alarmists -- in this article Christopher Booker refers to them simply as "warmists" -- have become "even shriller and more frantic" in light of evidence that climate change may not be proceeding they way they've been predicting.

Climate change resource center launched

When evaluating the claims of radical environmental extremists, people need accurate and reliable information about global warming and climate change. To this end, I've started a Climate Change Resource Center page, where readers can find links to reliable sources of information.

Kansas Climate Change Mitigation Will Be Costly

A recent presentation in Kansas revealed that fighting global warming in Kansas will be quite costly, and will harm lower-income families most. The Wichita Eagle…

Maryland Previews Kansas Climate Change Panel

In Kansas, the Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group, or KEEP, is meeting and planning the future of Kansas energy policy. If we want…

KEEP’s Goal is Predetermined and Ineffectual

Earlier this year, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius created the Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group, or KEEP. Its goal, as stated in the press…

Kansas Climate Profile: Cause For Alarm?

The Science and Public Policy Institute has released a series of state climate profiles. The Kansas Climate Profile is very interesting to read, especially in…

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