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Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn

Sedgwick County Commission Chair to speak

On Friday April 30, Karl Peterjohn will address members and guests of the Wichita Pachyderm Club. Peterjohn is the chair of the Sedgwick County Commission. His topic will be "A view from the county commission."

Kansas legislative ratings posted

I've come into possession of some of the Kansas legislature vote ratings that Karl Peterjohn of the Kansas Taxpayers Network produced. I've made available the annual ratings of both the House of Representatives and the Senate back to 1996.

Kansas legislative scorecards, rankings

As the 2010 Kansas Legislature prepares to convene, Kansans need to know the true voting record of members of the legislature. Legislative scorecards or ratings can be a valuable resource for leaning about the actions and record of legislators.

Peterjohn’s Kansas taxpayer protection platform recognized

I was pleased to learn of the Sedgwick County Commission’s new legislative platform regarding property taxes. It reads, "All local sales tax increases must be approved by voters under Kansas law. All property tax increases that raise the mill levy should also be required to receive voter approval."

Wichita downtown arena parking problem

The Wichita Eagle editorial written by Rhonda Holman on June 29, 2009 now claims that the new Intrust Arena in downtown Wichita lacks adequate parking. This is a major change by the Eagle editorial board’s position. I have repeatedly asked county staff about the available parking in and around this soon-to-open facility since I became a commissioner in January. I have been repeatedly told by county staff that adequate parking will be available when the Intrust Arena opens next year. The most recent public assurance I have received was only a few days ago.

Wichita Child Advocacy Center still in business, despite headline

A headline in the Thursday August 6, 2009 Wichita Eagle is a little bit misleading: "Sedgwick County budget saves pavilions, denies site for abused kids."

Recognizing that the reporter who wrote the story probably didn't write the headline, the fact is that the Sedgwick County Commission didn't deny a site for the Child Advocacy Center. This Center is still operating. What happened at the meeting is that the county commission declined to grant a last-minute request for funding that would improve the Center's office quarters.

Sedgwick County Manager Bill Buchanan should be dismissed

Last year a political science professor, a keen observer of Kansas politics, told me that city or county managers shouldn't be in office more than four or five years. After that, he said, they gain too much power. They know too much: all the secrets, where the bodies are buried. Think of J. Edgar Hoover and his reign, which is what it was.

If managers are to serve their councils or commissions -- instead of the other way around -- sometimes a change needs to be made, just for the sake of change.

Sedgwick County solid waste fee criticized

Today's by Rhonda Holman is a two-fer. Two issues for the price of one column, and two issues she's wrong on.

She criticizes Commissioner Karl Peterjohn and Board Chairman Kelly Parks for the opposition of a solid waste management fee that would add a relatively small amount to property tax bills.

Lack of information clouds Sedgwick County industrial park plans

At yesterday's meeting of the Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners, questions about a proposed industrial park development reveal that there's still a long way to go before all issues are uncovered, much less understood.

At the meeting, Chris Chronis, Chief Financial Officer for Sedgwick County, presented information and responded to questions. While Mr. Chronis was thorough in some areas, even some basic information and understanding is missing.

On the wall of Karl Peterjohn’s office

Earlier this week I stopped by the Sedgwick County Courthouse to visit with newly-elected commissioner Karl Peterjohn. Next month I’ll have a feature about Peterjohn’s…

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