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Posts tagged as “Kansas news media”

‘Kansas Reporter’ launched

This week the Kansas Policy Institute announced the launch of KansasReporter, a new news service covering Kansas government. Combined with some other relatively new sources of news, analysis, and commentary -- Kansas Liberty, Kansas Watchdog, State of the State, Kansas and a few older sources like Kansas Meadowlark and Voice For Liberty in Wichita -- Kansans should be better-equipped to know what's going on in our state, and to become more involved in our state and local governments.

‘State of the State Kansas’ covers state with video

Just a few weeks ago Kansas gained a new news-oriented website. State of the State Kansas is different from most news sites, as it focuses on providing long-format video coverage of issues and candidates. Rebecca Zepick founded State of the State Kansas. I visited with her last week and asked some questions about the site.

Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week

Bob Weeks discusses the difficulty of alternative media obtaining press credentials at the Kansas Legislature. From the KPTS public affairs television program Kansas Week on June 26, 2009.

Articles of Interest

Journalism, crime alerts, war on drugs, minimum wage, stimulus and education.

Legal Notices in Kansas Newspapers

Kansas Liberty reports on Senate Bill 164, which would allow publication of legal notices on the Internet only. Presently these notices must be published in…

KU Study an Embarrassment to Sebelius

In the first study to measure the result of pouring all that money on the noggins of schoolkids, the University of Kansas's Center for Applied Economics has released a study poetically entitled, "The Relationship between School Funding and Student Achievement in Kansas Public Schools." The verdict? So far, the funding has produced "little evidence of improving student outcomes as measured by test scores."

What is the Future of News Distribution?

This week I attended an open house event held by the Wichita Eagle. As part of the event, I took a quick tour of their plant. This photo shows rolls of newsprint in the basement of the building, waiting to be turned into newspapers. Ink distribution systems are in the background.

“Trash The Eagle” Website spotted

I recently noticed the new website Trash The Eagle. It holds, as you might expect, some criticism of the Wichita Eagle, our state’s largest newspaper.…

At Least We’re Not Johnson County

Commentary from Kansas Liberty about trouble at the Kansas City Star and the miserable Johnson County Sun. All the gas, but none of the warmth.…

Earthjustice in Kansas: The Press Release

I’ve recently learned that the radical environmentalist group Earthjustice played a role in the rejection of a coal-fired power plant in Kansas. I didn’t learn…

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius at Earthjustice

On June 26, 2008, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius spoke at an event hosted by Earthjustice (motto: "Because the earth needs a good lawyer"). By the next day, Earthjustice already had a self-congratulatory professionally-produced video available at Earthjustice & Kansas Governor Talk Clean Energy.

Evidently, Earthjustice, previously known as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, was involved in the events leading up to the denial of the permit for Sunflower Electric Power Corporation's Holcomb Station coal-fired electricity generating plant expansion.

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