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Kansans for Liberty features Alan Keyes, Oathkeepers

Tomorrow, the monthly meeting of Kansans for Liberty features national conservative figure Alan Keyes and a presentation about Oathkeepers.

Keyes is in Wichita to endorse the candidacy of Jim Anderson for the Kansas fourth district congressional position. A preview of Keyes’ appearance by Wichita Eagle reporter Dion Lefler is at Alan Keyes to stump for Jim Anderson in Wichita.

The meeting takes place at noon on Saturday November 21, at Mike’s Steakhouse, 2131 S. Broadway (316-265-8122) in Wichita. This meeting will be in the large room with capacity for 100 people. A Thanksgiving-themed buffet lunch will be served for $7.99.

Pompeo to present to Pachyderms

This Friday, the Wichita Pachyderm Club presents Kansas fourth district congressional candidate Mike Pompeo. This is another in a series of addresses by the Republican candidates for this position. All candidates have either already spoken to the Pachyderm Club or will be invited.

All are welcome to attend Pachyderm club meetings. The program costs $10, which includes a delicious buffet lunch including salad, soup, two main dishes, and ice tea and coffee. The meeting starts at noon, although it’s recommended to arrive ten minutes early to get your lunch before the program starts.

The Wichita Petroleum Club is on the ninth floor of the Bank of America Building at 100 N. Broadway (north side of Douglas between Topeka and Broadway) in Wichita, Kansas (click for a map and directions). Park in the garage just across Broadway and use the sky walk to enter the Bank of America building. Bring your parking garage ticket to be stamped and your parking fee will be only $1.00. There is usually some metered and free street parking nearby.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for November 16, 2009.

2010 Commission advocates tax hikes and wants more K-12 funding

(Kansas Liberty) “The 2010 Commission, which monitors school finance, is recommending that Gov. Mark Parkinson and the Kansas Legislature raise taxes to maintain funding for K-12 education. The commission is not only asking that K-12 receives no cuts for fiscal year 2010, but that schools also receive an increase in funding for fiscal year 2011. School districts have threatened legislators that they will pursue a lawsuit if they do not receive the level of funding they have requested.”

Higher-than-expected demand for ‘at risk’ funding to result in millions more for education

(Kansas Liberty) Are these numbers real? “A November 2006 audit conducted by the Legislative Division of the Post Audit delved into the topic of whether or not the number of students identified as receiving free lunches, actually qualified for the benefit. The audit found that out of a sample of 500 students who received free lunches, 85 actually did not qualify for the benefits.”

Letter from the Newsroom — Cap & Trade Edition

(State of the State Kansas) “This week we focus on the impact of federal cap and trade legislation on Kansas. As an agricultural state, Kansas seems caught in the cross hairs of farming and climate regulation.

At its most simple, Cap and Trade is a system designed to limit pollution by assigning emissions credits. If you emit more than your share, you can buy more credits on an market, similar to the New York Stock Exchange. The Environmental Protection Agency has a great Cap and Trade 101 program on their website to learn more.

Things get complicated when it becomes clear that some industries are harder hit by this regulation and agriculture it at the top of the list.”

No Decision by Schools for Fair Funding on Lawsuit

(Kansas Watchdog) “Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF) met in Newton today, including a one-hour executive session, to consider a possible lawsuit against the state. The only motion offered after the executive session was to approve next month’s meeting in Salina.”

Kansas Made $254.3 Million in Confidential Payments in 2009

(Kansas Watchdog) “Access to data is only part of the battle to maintain citizen oversight of government spending. Kansas agencies and departments classified $254.3 million in 2009 vendor payments as ‘confidential by law or legal authority.'”

Carryover Cash and Consolidation Hot Topics Before Kansas Board of Education

(Kansas Watchdog) “Kansas Department of Education officials told the state board of education they’re expecting more funding cuts and discussed ways to help stretch this year’s budget, including school consolidations and spending unencumbered cash left over from last year’s operating funds. District unencumbered cash balances were a recurring topic and one board member commented, ‘Please, lets stop talking about $1.3 billion in unencumbered funds.’ Actually, that was last year’s number.

This year total unencumbered funds grew to almost $1.5 billion. The portion in operating funds totaled $699 million and Deputy Commissioner of Education Dale Dennis told board members districts can access most of that amount. Districts can spend the operating funds carried over from last year by spending them down and not replenishing the funding category from the district’s general fund. ‘If you wanted to run balances down in funds just don’t transfer money over there.'”

Anderson Still in Republican KS-04 Campaign, Though ‘Anything’s Possible’

(Forward Kansas) “On Tuesday, Forward Kansas broke the story that Jim Anderson was looking at a potential third party run for the KS-04 seat, and, yesterday, we had the chance to catch up with the Anderson campaign in KS-04. We asked Shanen Taylor, media coordinator for the Anderson campaign, whether Anderson was eyeballing a run as a third party conservative candidate in the Congressional race. Taylor admitted that ‘anything’s possible’ and running as a third party candidate was a consideration in the wake of the coup pulled off by Doug Hoffman against the Republican Party establishment in the NY-23 special election last week.”

Joan Finney’s People Power

(Kansas Free Press) “Knowing that she wouldn’t possibly remember meeting me, I acted like I had never met her before and let the host introduce me to Kansas 42nd Governor. ‘Governor, nice to meet you,’ I said. I then walked into the kitchen, and let others visit with the Governor in the living room. I was content that I got to meet Finney again, and went to the kitchen to talk to friends while others bothered the Governor about this or that.”

Alan Keyes to speak at events in Wichita

Alan Keyes, former Reagan administration diplomat, National Security Council member, and presidential candidate, will speak at two events in Wichita supporting the Anderson for Congress campaign. Dr. Keyes will headline a public speech at the Beech Activity Center, 9710 E. Central, on Saturday November 21st at 7:15 pm titled “We the People”. General admittance is $10, children 16 and under are free. Special reserve seating and a pre-speech VIP reception with Dr. Keyes is available for $50.

Dr. Keyes will host a fundraiser on Monday November 23rd, 7:00 pm at Larkspur restaurant and grill, 904 E. Douglas in Old Town. The cost is $100 per plate, $175 includes a private reception with Dr. Keyes prior to the dinner. All proceeds from both events benefit Anderson for Congress.

For more information, call 316-636-9300 or info@anderson4congress.com.

Goyle holds campaign kick-off event in Old Town

In front of a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at the Pumphouse in Old Town Wichita, Kansas House of Representatives member Raj Goyle held a kick-off event for his campaign for the United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas.

In his brief remarks, Goyle said that after receiving his education out-of-state, he — unlike many young people — came back to Kansas. He told how outside Kansas, out state’s perception is not what we know it should be. The perception is that we’re not forward-thinking or dynamic. So he decided to run for the Kansas House of Representatives in 2006, from a district that had never elected a Democrat.

He mentioned his work and leadership in passing legislation limiting the ability of Fred Phelps and members of his church from disruptively protesting funerals of soldiers.

He also mentioned his advocacy in passing a bill that allowed Kansas to accept $70 million in federal stimulus money to extend unemployment benefits.

He mentioned that he has never missed a vote in the Kansas House He said he has never taken a free personal meal from a lobbyist, nor has he accepted a taxpayer-funded trip.

Goyle said that the American dream is in jeopardy, and is slowly slipping away, and that he will work every day to make sure that dream is “as available to you as it was for me.”

He told young people that they should not have to choose between a well-paying, high-quality job and leaving Wichita.


As Goyle has no serious challenger in the primary, and as he is unlikely to draw a challenger with name recognition and the ability to raise money, it’s a bit of a puzzle as to why he’s hitting the campaign trail so soon, some 11 months before the primary. The real action in the fourth district Congressional race in is the crowded Republican primary field.

Goyle’s talk was short on substantive discussion of issues, which is probably the strategy I’d follow if I had no serious primary opposition and was speaking to an audience of enthusiastic supporters.

I attended the event with my colleague John Todd, and as far as we could tell, we were the only non-Democrats in attendance. My presence caused a few tweets on Twitter, one remarking “Oh dear lord!” at my presence. Most of the Democrats I talked to were cordial — including the candidate himself — except for one quite disagreeable union activist who assumed I was there to collect dirt on Goyle, assumed I supported President Obama’s heckler, and painted me as a racist simply because I belong to the same party as Lynn Jenkins, she of the “great white hope” remark.

Pompeo announcement stresses health care, energy, national security

Today Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo officially announced his candidacy for United States Congress for the fourth district of Kansas.

In his introduction, Cessna CEO and Chairman Jack Pelton praised Pompeo as a businessman, as someone who has signed paychecks.

In his address, Pompeo said our government has lost its way. Instead of personal responsibility, this government has advocated welfare. Instead of innovation and entrepreneurship, government has advocated bailouts.

Saying that he has not run for public office, he thinks that is an “enormous plus in these times.” As a businessman, he has seen the effects of regulation and taxes on business.

Pompeo stressed three issues:

In health care, the issue is cost. We need to reduce the rate of growth in the cost of health care, and government has never been able to reduce costs or increase efficiency. He said that need to create competitive marketplaces, allow purchase of insurance across state lines, and pass tort reform. Government health care will destroy America’s leadership in innovation.

The energy bill, while off the front pages for now, will come back. Cap-and-trade, he said, is the largest tax increase in history in the guise of environmental protection. The bill will reduce carbon emissions only slightly, but at huge costs. He said that with this bill, the gas and oil industry in America would become almost economically unviable, at the same time we’re trying to reduce the amount of energy we’re importing.

On national security, Pompeo believes that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid “simply don’t get it.” A strong defense creates a safe environment for Americans, and we don’t need to apologize for a strong American defense system.

In closing, Pompeo said “the appropriate role of government is intensely limited.” He believes in sanctity of every human life.


Today’s announcement was merely a formality, as Pompeo said he’s been campaigning for 17 weeks, and on April 7 of this year, I reported exclusively on the members of his campaign’s launch committee in the story Mike Pompeo congressional launch committee announced.

Pompeo stresses his business experience, and that’s an appealing background to many conservatives. But government is not business, as the incentives are entirely different in the two fields. There are other businessmen in the running for this nomination, and I suspect that we’ll see government employee Jean Schodorf find some way to cast herself as someone who understands business.

The Republican field is crowded already, and several more — both well-known and without name recognition — are considering joining the race. It’s a tempting challenge, as Congressional seats like this become available barely once per generation. If incumbents survive their first re-election, it’s pretty much a free ride from then on. In recent years, from 94% to 98% of U.S. House members were re-elected. Many don’t even draw a strong challenger.

The selection of Cessna top executive Jack Pelton to make the introduction is a little curious. Pelton serves as chair of the Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP). This organization, founded by former governor Kathleen Sebelius and run by the radical environmentalist group Center for Climate Strategies, is no friend to the energy industry, especially oil and gas, the market that Pompeo’s business serves.

Tillman story may leave wrong impression of Wichita tea party

The Wichita Eagle news story Democrat Tillman enters race for 4th District seat may give its readers an incorrect impression of the Wichita tea party protest held on tax day.

In the story, the reporter quotes Robert Tillman as saying “Confederate flags (were) flown at the Republican tea party.”

The first half of this statement is true, but hardly indicative of the sentiment of tea party protesters.

I have about 360 photographs that I took at the tea party. Looking at them, I saw one confederate flag.

I called Robert Tillman, the subject of the story and whose quote appears above, and asked him how many of these flags he saw. He said “at least two.”

At least 2,000 people attended the Wichita tea party. So a rate of one confederate flag per 1,000 people, I’d venture to say, hardly supports the impression that readers may get from this story.

By the way, an informal survey by a television reporter of 100 people at the tea party found 46 who identified themselves as Republicans. So the claim that it was a “Republican tea party” is not substantiated either.

Wichita businessman Pompeo files for Congress

“Wichita businessman and Republican leader Mike Pompeo has officially filed papers with the Federal Election Commission enabling him to begin raising funds for a campaign to represent the people of Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District.”

The full news release is below.

Pompeo will speak this Friday, April 10, at a meeting of the Wichita Pachyderm Club. The event is open to everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to meet candidates and ask them questions. More information about the Pachyderm event is at Pompeo to speak at Pachyderm.

Pompeo files congressional campaign

Pompeo to speak at Pachyderm

Candidate for the fourth district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Pompeo will speak to the Wichita Pachyderm Club this Friday.

All are welcome to attend. Lunch is $10, or you may attend the meeting only for $3.

At Pachyderm meetings, there’s usually plenty of time for the speaker to take questions from the audience.

The meeting starts at noon, although those wishing to order lunch are encouraged to arrive by 11:45. The location is Whiskey Creek Steakhouse at 233 N. Mosely in Old Town. You can view a map by clicking on Google map of 233 N. Mosely.

Mike Pompeo congressional launch committee announced

Advance release for readers of the Voice For Liberty in Wichita.

Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo has formed a launch committee to support his bid for the United States House of Representatives from the fourth congressional district of Kansas. Additional information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

The fourth district includes Wichita, Sedgwick County, and much of south-central Kansas. Todd Tiahrt of Goddard currently represents this district. This seat is open because Tiahrt is running for the United States Senate.

Pompeo is the National Committeeman for the State of Kansas, and is one of three Kansas members on the Republican National Committee.

Members of the launch committee are:

Linda & Roy Baker, Wichita
Adam & Ellen Beren, Wichita
C. Douglas Blex, Independence
Bob & Martha Buford, Wichita
Kenya Cox, Wichita
Chuck & Susie Grier, Wichita
Bud Hentzen, Wichita
Mark K. Herbert, Wichita
Al & Judy Higdon, Wichita
Tony & Michele Isaac, Wichita
Dwight Keen, Winfield
Tyson Langhofer, Andover
Rick Macias, Wichita
Doug Malone, Wichita
Steven J. Martens, Wichita
Nancy A. & John D. McEwen, Augusta
Mike & Dee Michaelis, Wichita
Scott Redler, Wichita
Lisa Ritchie, Wichita
Todd & Julie Sipe, Wichita
Harvey R. Sorensen, Wichita
Dan & Kate Taylor, Andover
Jeff & Rhonda Turner, Wichita
Dan Unruh, Wichita
Jerry Wallace, Cherryvale
Sheryl Wohlford, Wichita