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In Kansas, Community Bridge Blog lies — in photographs

In debates over public policy, words matter. But readers recognize that words represent the opinion of the writer, and as such can be incorrect, misinformed, or simply stating a preference that the reader may disagree with.

Kansas Republican online efforts lag

If online political activity has any value, Kansas Republicans aren't providing much. Many Kansas Republican websites and online outreach efforts are stale and lagging behind in providing timely and quality information.

Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week

Bob Weeks discusses the difficulty of alternative media obtaining press credentials at the Kansas Legislature. From the KPTS public affairs television program Kansas Week on June 26, 2009.

We really don’t know what Kansas taxes should be — except lower

Today's edition of the Kansas Jackass blog has a post written by Jason Croucher that criticizes Americans For Prosperity because the group doesn't like taxes.

That's not quite accurate, as Croucher himself says he doesn't like paying taxes. Instead, the post seems to argue that we have to pay taxes because they're there, and we don't know whether they're too high, and anyway, we can't identify and agree on what is waste, so let's just pay. Something like this, anyway. But there are a few problems with this post that deserve discussion.

Kansas voter data difficult to use

At the Kansas Meadowlark, Earl Glynn has an article that illustrates some of the difficulties that researches face when working with voter data. I haven't done nearly as much of this as Earl has, but I can tell you there have been times when I've been quite frustrated with voter data that I've received. I've had to spend time manipulating data in order to get it into useful formats.

The Meadowlark story is Comparing Voter Registration to Nov. ‘08 Ballots in Allen County. Too Difficult?

Kansas Jackass spotted at Kansas days

Through several methods, including excessive tweeting and plain old gumshoe work, the identity of the anonymous blogger Kansas Jackass was deduced.

Wichita and Kansas General Election Coverage

My page of coverage of the general election for Wichita and the surrounding area is available. Click here to view it. I don’t think I…

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