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Sedgwick County Commissioner and former Wichita City Council Member Jim Skelton

Wichita city council: substance and process

The Wichita City Council and city hall bureaucrats have shown that they are willing to follow the letter of the law, but following the spirit and substance of the law, especially regarding public hearings and citizen involvement, remains a challenge for the city.

Sedgwick County considers a planning grant

Sedgwick County's consideration of a federal planning grant raised a host of issues, including buying in to the Obama Administration agenda and the roles and relationships of federal and local governments.

Wichita City Council bows to special interests

Yesterday's meeting of the Wichita City Council revealed a council -- except for one member -- totally captured by special interests, to the point where the council, aided by city staff, used a narrow legal interpretation in order to circumvent a statutorily required public hearing process.

Wichita city council to decide between rule of law, or rule by situation

Tuesday's Wichita City Council meeting will provide an opportunity for the mayor, council members, and city hall staff to let Wichitans know if our city is governed by the rule of law and proper respect for it, or if these values will be discarded for the convenience of one person and his business partners.

Wichita and its political class

Discussion at a Wichita City Council meeting provided an opportunity for citizens to discover the difference in the thinking of the political class and those who value limited government and capitalism.

Sedgwick County, Golf Warehouse, reveal shortcomings in procedure

A decision by the Sedgwick County Commission to grant a forgivable loan of $48,000 to The Golf Warehouse is yet another example of local government relying on corporate welfare as economic development, and exposes how little deliberation is given to making these decisions.

Education gap on Wichita City Council

Before January, none of the four men serving on the Wichita City Council had completed a college degree. The three women serving on the council set a better example, with all three holding college degrees.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday January 3, 2011

Today: This week at Wichita City Council; last meeting for two commissioners; legislators to hear from citizens; state GOP chief to speak in Wichita; repeal of sales tax; net neutrality advances; Wichita noticed in Boston.

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