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Jean Schodorf a candidate for Congress?

I just received a tweet from Jean Schodorf, a Republican member of the Kansas Senate from northwest Wichita:

“JeanSchodorf Special announcement regarding 4th Congressional District, 2day from 12-1 @ the Midtown Resource Center. 1150 N. Broadway. Lunch Provided”

Schodorf’s record in the senate is one of taxing and spending. In 2008, her rating by the Kansas Taxpayers Network was 29%. Several senate Democrats did better.

She’s also voted against legislation allowing the coal plant, although she did vote for the compromise bill.

So a question I have — seriously, sort of — is in which party she’ll choose to run.

What’s interesting to me is this question: Does this foreshadow an entrance by television newsman and producer Bill Kurtis (her brother) into the race for Kansas governor? He’s said no, he’s not interested.

Update: Wichita Eagle coverage is at Schodorf explores Congress run.