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A learning opportunity for Wichita

Next month the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce brings a speaker to town who might be able to offer Wichita helpful advice.

WichitaLiberty.TV July 28, 2013

In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV, economist Dr. Russell Sobel joins host Bob Weeks. Topics include local economic development incentives, the environment of favor-seeking, how regulation stifles entrepreneurship, the seen and the unseen, the broken window fallacy, and Dr. Sobel's research on how intergovernmental grants lead to higher taxes.

Kansas editorial writers aren’t helping

Recently it has become fashionable for newspapers to carry editorials bemoaning the current state of affairs in Kansas, contrasting the current regime to a tradition of moderation in Kansas governance.

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer on role of government

It's worse than "You didn't build that." Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer tells us you can't build that -- not without government guidance and intervention, anyway.

Wichita taxicab regulations likely to impede progress

The Wichita City Council will consider new taxicab regulations that, city hall hopes, will improve tax service in Wichita. But the regulations create high barriers to entry that stifle entrepreneurship and market competition, likely dooming the program to fail.

In Wichita, private tax policy on the rise

In a free society with a limited government, taxation should be restricted to being a way for government to raise funds to pay for services that all people benefit from. But in the city of Wichita, private tax policy is overtaking our city.

Job creation at young firms declines

A new report by the Kauffman Foundation holds unsettling information for the future of job growth in the United States.

Stossel: The state against blacks

John Stossel's most recent television program was titled "The State Against Blacks," and it dealt with the topics of affirmative action, welfare, and the minimum wage.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Tuesday May 3, 2011

Today: Why not school choice in Kansas?; Economics in one lesson this Monday; Sowell on government intervention; Salina's first TIF district; Charles on energy and stuff; government and entrepreneurship.

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