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Political celebrities stump for Anderson, Kelsey

Recently two political celebrities visited Wichita to campaign for candidates for the Republican Party nomination for the United States House of Representatives from the fourth district of Kansas. Joe the Plumber for Jim Anderson Joe the Plumber, who gained national attention for his questioning of candidate Barack Obama, appeared in Wichita on January 28 at a town hall meeting on behalf of Jim Anderson. Speaking before -- should I refer to him as "Joe" or "Plumber"? -- Anderson said he was born in Boise. After college, he started working for Eastern Airlines as a pilot, finishing his career with ATA Airlines. His job brought him to Wichita, but then his job was eliminated. Although offered a position in another town, he and his wife decided to stay in Wichita and raise their thr...

Mike Huckabee to appear in Wichita for Dick Kesley

On Wednesday, February 24th, former Arkansas Governor, Republican Presidential Candidate, and winner of the Kansas Republican Caucus Mike Huckabee will be in Wichita in support of the Dick Kelsey for Congress campaign. There will be two events, both held at the Holiday Inn at Kellogg and Rock Road. At 8:15 am there is a V.I.P. Roundtable at a cost of $500/person, which also includes admission to the General Event. At 9:00 am is the General Event at a cost of $100/person. A press conference follows at 9:45. All funds go to support Senator Dick Kelsey for Congress. Call 316-771-7310 for tickets and more information.

At Kansas Days, the fourth district Congressional campaign is on

At the annual Kansas Days festival in Topeka, the Kansas fourth district Republican candidates all hosted hospitality suites, looking to boost their chances with Kansas Republican voters. On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal ran an online piece titled Kansas GOP Could Be Its Own Worst Enemy, giving a run-down of the current political scene in Kansas. Of particular interest to Kansas fourth district voters, the piece said this: The Democrats' best hope for retaining a seat in the Kansas delegation may be a two-term state legislator named Raj Goyle, who is running in the fourth district encompassing Wichita. On his Web site and in campaign literature, Mr. Goyle colors his first name blue and his last name red, emphasizes his concerns about the struggles facing businesses and avoids any...

Another Republican Congressional candidate forum

This Friday, January 22nd, the Sumner County Republican Party sponsors a forum for candidates for the Republican Party nomination for the United States Congress from the fourth district of Kansas. Due to a previous speaking engagement, candidate Wink Hartman will not appear at this event. Doors open at 6:00 pm with the debate starting at 7:00 pm. The location is Belle Plaine High School, 820 North Merchant Street in Belle Plain. Here's a Google map of the location. Google says it's 25 miles and a 33 minute drive from downtown Wichita.
Kansas state government

Resolution seeks to clarify role of Kansas courts, legislature

Kansas House of Representatives member Pete DeGraaf, a Republican from Mulvane, will soon introduce a resolution "concerning the expenditure of public moneys to finance certain litigation against the Legislature or the State of Kansas." Dick Kelsey will introduce the resolution in the Kansas Senate. Language in the resolution clarifies the role and purpose of both courts and legislatures, noting that "Courts are concerned only with the legislative power to enact statutes and appropriate money, not with the wisdom behind those enactments or appropriations." The resolution also recognizes "The determination of the amounts, sources and objectives of expenditures of public moneys, especially at the state level, presents issues of enormous practical and political complexity, and resolutio...

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for December 14, 2009. EPA threatens more gov regs and pushes 'global warming' (Kansas Liberty) "The Environmental Protection Agency issued a ruling today in which it determined that greenhouses gasses, such as carbon dioxide, are harmful to public health. ... Derrick Sontag, Americans for Prosperity-Kansas state director, said he disagreed with Jackson’s statement that business leaders had requested additional government regulation of their carbon emissions." Will Copenhagen global-warming fiction influence Kansas? (Kansas Liberty) "World leaders and climate experts commenced their environmental discussion at the Copenhagen climate conference today, leaving global warming skeptics to wonder whether the recent 'Climategate' scandal woul...

Former Congressman McEwen endorses Kelsey, talks about economics

This week former Ohio Representative Bob McEwen appeared in Wichita on behalf of Kansas Senator Dick Kelsey and his campaign for the Republican nomination for the United States House of Representatives from the fourth district of Kansas. At a breakfast meeting, McEwen said that his state -- Ohio -- needs Dick Kelsey in Congress, and we in Kansas would be doing Ohio a favor by electing him. McEwen said in Washington, there are those who are good politicians, but not necessarily effective at government. Then there are those not skilled at politicking, but good at providing leadership in government. The fact that Kelsey was chosen by his colleagues to be head of the caucus shows that he is skilled in both politics and leadership. McEwen added that the time to have an impact in gov...

McEwen to present seminars in Wichita

Former U.S. Congressman Bob McEwen will be in Wichita next week to present two seminars. McEwen, an advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics, is sponsored by the Senator Dick Kelsey for Congresscampaign. The two seminars McEwen will present are titled "Renewing American Leadership" and "Enhancing Local Economic Development" These events are on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, at the Holiday Inn at 549 South Rock Road in Wichita. The "Renewing American Leadership" seminar is from 7:30 am to 10:15 am, and includes a breakfast. The cost is $30. "Enhancing Local Economic Development" is from 9:00 to 10:15 and costs $10. McEwen was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio for six terms. Currently he is the Chairman of Renewing American Leade...
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