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Posts tagged as “Computing”

Congress should reserve the right to protect our wireless future

As the expert agency, the FCC is right to ask for some flexibility with the wireless spectrum auction design process. Congress, however, should reserve its right to protect our wireless future by preventing FCC overreach and ensure that all companies can participate in the auction process. It's only the fair choice to make.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday December 26, 2011

Today: Kansas computer security; KPERS; Kansas Treasurer makes grand circuit; Huelskamp considered objecting; Obama's regulation; The failure of American schools; Markets: exploitation or empowerment?

Kansas Republican online efforts lag

If online political activity has any value, Kansas Republicans aren't providing much. Many Kansas Republican websites and online outreach efforts are stale and lagging behind in providing timely and quality information.

Why Obama is wrong about net neutrality

"Net neutrality" sounds like a noble concept, doesn't it? It's another example of one political position co-opting language in a way that mislabels the underlying agenda.

I’ll help you with technology

I hate to see activists struggle with technology. Whether it's creating and managing a blog, using Facebook or Twitter, or just using computers and the Internet effectively, I'd like to help.

Articles of Interest

Capitalism, CFL bulbs, green indoctrination, bailout constitutionality, Facebook, Twitter.

Wichita City Arts tech studio proposed

Randy Roebuck, in a presentation at the Wichita city council workshop, promoted the idea of a "digital oasis" in Wichita. It would be a place where people can go to get free help with technologies such as cell phones and computers

Pew Internet and American Life Project Redesign

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has redesigned their website. This organization has been a valuable source of information about the Internet and how…

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