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Posts tagged as “Climate change”

KEEP’s Goal is Predetermined and Ineffectual

Earlier this year, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius created the Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group, or KEEP. Its goal, as stated in the press…

Kansas Climate Profile: Cause For Alarm?

The Science and Public Policy Institute has released a series of state climate profiles. The Kansas Climate Profile is very interesting to read, especially in…

Wikipropaganda On Global Warming

CBS News picks up on a National Review Online story about the idealogical bias of Wikipedia when it comes to the subject of global warming.…

Rasmussen Poll on Kansas Coal Plant

What is the attitude of Kansans toward coal-fired power plants? Opponents of these plants have polls purportedly telling us that a majority of Kansans are…

Kansas environmental policy is full of uncertainty

A dubious claim made in this editorial is how "Neither Bremby nor Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is 'out front' on this issue [carbon emissions]." Jackson claims that Bremby was just following an inevitable trend towards more regulation of carbon emissions. But this is in direct opposition to news reports at the time. The Washington Post, for example, reported "The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity generating plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment." (Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time)

Who Owns and Runs the KEEP Website?

The Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP) has an impressive-looking website located at Just by looking at it, you’d think it was…

Earthjustice in Kansas: The Press Release

I’ve recently learned that the radical environmentalist group Earthjustice played a role in the rejection of a coal-fired power plant in Kansas. I didn’t learn…

Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group: Good for Kansas?

Yesterday's Wichita Eagle editorial by Randy Scholfield (Climate group could help state) supports Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius and her hand-picked Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP). Together with an earlier article in the same newspaper (Climate group to assist state on energy plan, June 22, 2008), Kansans have plenty to be worried about as our governor seeks to burnish her national reputation as a green governor as she makes plans for her post-gubernatorial career.

Are you polluting Kansas?

Lost in the debate over the building of a coal-fired electricity plant in Kansas is the fact that China builds a plant like this every week to ten days, according to the New York Times. Nonetheless, newspaper editorial writers like Randy Scholfield of The Wichita Eagle want to saddle Kansans with higher utility bills and a stifling regulatory structure. There is no doubt that other forms of producing electricity are more expensive than coal. Mr. Scholfield's newspaper is full of stories of woe about how people can't pay their bills when the price of natural gas or gasoline goes up. Yet, he is willing to ask them to pay more for something of dubious value. At the same time, his position holds the real possibility of reducing economic growth in Kansas, which should lead to more tales of woe for the Wichita Eagle to report.

Global warming: the real threat

The following article by George Resiman explains what caps on carbon dioxide emissions mean in terms of our economy. I wish that Roderick L. Bremby, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, had read this article before making his recent decision denying the applications to build two coal-fired plants in Kansas. His reasoning for the denial: "it would be irresponsible to ignore emerging information about the contribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to climate change and the potential harm to our environment and health if we do nothing."

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