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Kansas Bioscience Authority hearings, day 2

At the second day of testimony regarding a forensic audit of the Kansas Bioscience Authority, a representative of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was strongly critical of the audit itself, and also of the Board of Directors of KBA. Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Dale A. Rodman, who oversaw the audit process on behalf of the Brownback Administration, also said that legislators who voted to form the KBA should "feel outraged that a golden opportunity that you helped create was taken away from your efforts."

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Thursday April 14, 2011

Today: Kansas State Board of Education vs. Walt Chappell, protest on tax day; tax day tea party events; Steineger, Kansas senator, to address Pachyderms; trade protectionism makes us poorer; city government under control.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Sunday April 10, 2011

Today: Local elections, qualifications of Wichita's elected officials; Steineger, Kansas senator, to address Pachyderms; Washington Monument strategy; Soros conference online; economics in one lesson this Monday; Wichita City Council this week.

Kansas budget can be balanced without tax increases

As the Kansas Legislature prepares to get to work next week producing a budget plan for the next year, Kansans are being told that tax increases are inevitable. Several sources, however, have ideas and detailed plans as to how the state can avoid tax increases.

Kansas can have fast, achievable savings

Kansas Senator Chris Steineger (Democrat from Kansas City) has formulated a list of items that he says could lead to "fast, achievable savings" for the state of Kansas. This list is titled the "$100 million list."

Kansas school consolidation: it won’t be the first time

An issue that some promote as a way to make Kansas schools more efficient and save money is school consolidation. It's not the first time schools in our state have gone through consolidation.

Kansas Senator Chris Steineger, who is a Democrat representing Kansas City, recently asked the Kansas Legislative Research Department for information about school consolidation in Kansas. The memo that KLRD produced is below, and here are some interesting facts.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for January 25, 2010.

Redesigning Kansas County Government: Follow-up

Last week I reported on a talk that Kansas Senator Kansas Senator Chris Steineger, Democrat from Kansas City, delivered to some 300 citizens at Americans For Prosperity's Defending the American Dream Summit in Wichita.

One of the things Steineger believes is that Kansas has too many counties, a legacy from the days of travel to the county seat by horseback. So I got to thinking about the consolidation of two counties into one and some of the issues that would be involved.

Wasteful Kansas statehousesSpending

Wasteful spending at the Kansas statehouse is nothing new. What is new is the wasteful spending on the Kansas statehouse. This building still has the ugly look of a construction site with a soaring price tag. In 2007 a bipartisan group of legislative moderates are intent on continuing this unlimited statehouse spending spree.

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