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Michelle Malkin delivers conservative message in Wichita

At a fundraising event for Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach, conservative author, journalist, and columnist Michelle Malkin delivered a message that appealed to conservatives, although not necessarily the Republican establishment. Her most recent book is Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies.

In endorsing his candidacy, Malkin praised Kobach as a conservative intellectual and a conservative activist.

Star Parker delivers message in Wichita

In an energetic message delivered to an audience at Wichita State University this Monday, author and columnist Star Parker spoke about breaking the cycle of poverty and other issues facing our country.

Early in her talk, Parker noted the irony of the welfare office in Washington (the Department of Health and Human Services) being located on Independence Avenue. The approaches that have been tried over the last 45 years to conquer poverty haven't worked and have lead to two generations of government dependence with disastrous consequences, she said.

In health care debate, can we trust the president?

In the health care debate, President Obama pleads with Americans to get the facts straight before making up their minds. But that's easier said than done, and by his actions, I wonder if the president really believes this.

Fact-checking the president on health insurance

Advocates for more government control over health care, including President Obama, cite cases where people have been abused by private health insurance companies. We ought to be sure that these cases are real, and we need to be aware of the scope of the problem, before we assign weight to these arguments.

Obama’s tax increase on tires

There's a reason why some news is released on Friday night. Those making the news hope it won't be noticed.

That's probably why the Obama Administration waited until then to inform the country that it was imposing a tariff on tires imported from China. This tariff will probably protect some American jobs, but it will increase the cost of tires.

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President Obama’s health care speech

Speaking to a joint session of Congress and the American people, President Barack Obama laid out his latest vision for health care reform.

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Astroturf, Obama style

At the recent New Hampshire town hall meeting, President Obama took a softball question from a young girl. It seemed innocent enough. Almost natural.

The real right to medical care versus socialized medicine

In 1994, George Reisman wrote a pamphlet explaining the problems with America's health care system. He criticized the Clinton plan for reform, and offered an alternative based on freedom and markets rather than government interventionism. It is a brilliant work, and still relevant today: "I wrote this essay to help defeat the Clinton plan for socialized medicine. In all essentials it’s as valid today as it was then. It’s a demonstration that government intervention inspired by the philosophy of collectivism is the cause of America's medical crisis and that a free market in medical care is the solution for the crisis. I urge everyone who wants to help defeat the essentially similar Obama scheme to read it."

Paygo rule meaningless, harmful

In a letter printed in yesterday's Wichita Eagle, Doug Ittner of Wichita promotes the benefit of a rule known as "paygo." The purpose of this rule is to force budget discipline on Congress. As the Washington Post's David Broder wrote in that newspaper in June: "[Paygo's] key provision requires that any new tax cut or entitlement increase be paid for by an offsetting reduction in other programs or a tax increase. If, for example, you want to guarantee child care for every working mother or provide her with a payroll tax cut, you would have to find savings or revenue elsewhere of equal size."

It sounds like Congress has suddenly been overtaken by reason, doesn't it?

If only it were so.

Obama-style health care: the effects in England

In the debate of what to do about health care, advocates -- such as President Obama -- cite countries that spend much less than the United States. An example is the United kingdom.

The president believes that if we can control costs through better medical practice and efficiency gains, we too can have more health card provided at less cost.

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In Wichita, protest of ABC’s Obama coverage

Here's a message from a local patriot and activist. She is rightly concerned about ABC News -- the national organization, not the local affiliate -- and its upcoming coverage of the Obama administration.

Protest in Wichita in front of ABC affiliate KAKE news TV at 1500 N. West St., Wichita this Wednesday, June 24th starting at 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please join us! We are protesting the fact ABC is propagandizing the American public and deceiving them.

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