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Trump economy creates jobs

There is no doubt that the United States economy has created many jobs since Donald J. Trump became president. How does the record compare with the previous administration?

Does Kansas have its own Solyndra?

Does Kansas have its own version of Solyndra, the politically-connected firm that failed and cost taxpayers some $535 billion? We don't know. But the Abengoa cellulosic ethanol plant near Hugoton received a $132.4 million loan guarantee under the same program that benefited Solyndra.

Release the secret Iran deals

For those of us who are elected officials, few votes will be more consequential than whether to approve or disapprove the nuclear agreement President Obama has reached with Iran. Yet the president expects Congress to cast this vote without the administration’s fully disclosing the contents of the deal to the American people, write Representative Mike Pompeo and Senator Tom Cotton.

Kansas jobs: Who do we believe?

So let's be fair. The next time Paul Davis and Democrats praise good job creation figures at the national level as evidence of the goodness of Barack Obama, let's ask them to give the same credit to Sam Brownback.

WichitaLiberty Podcast, episode 1

In this first episode of WichitaLiberty Podcasts: A Kansas City Star editorial makes a case for higher school spending in Kansas, but is based on a premise that doesn’t exist in fact. There's a new episode of WichitaLiberty.TV. Eureka! Tea partiers know science. The John J. Ingalls Spirit of Freedom Award. Cronyism and other problems in Wichita. Is the City of Wichita concerned that its contracts contain language that seems to be violated even before the contract is signed? Obama’s debt speech, not really a speech.

Obama’s debt speech, not really a speech

Remarks attributed to Barack Obama in 2006 regarding the debt ceiling were never spoken in the senate, but were mailed in, so to speak.

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