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Sedgwick County Commission precinct map, November 4, 2014

Here’s a map I created of the vote percentage received by Republican candidates by precinct in the two Sedgwick County Commission districts that were contested. In district 4 (the northern district) the Republican Candidate was Richard Ranzau, with Melody McRae-Miller the Democratic Candidate. In district 5 (the southern district) the Republican and Democrat were Jim Howell and Richard Young, respectively.

To use an interactive version of this map, click here. On the interactive map you may zoom and scroll, and you may click on a precinct for more information about the votes for that precinct.

Precinct Map, Sedgwick County Commission 4 and 5 2014-11-04

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  1. sue c. November 7, 2014

    Thanks goodness for Valley Center and Maize. Richard has such a hard district! 30% Republican, 30%Democrat, and 30%Independent. He worked so hard, and it shows. Thank you to all the voters who came out and voted for fiscal sanity.

  2. toldyaso November 7, 2014

    The Melody camp is not conseeding yet. She thinks she has a good shot at winning the provisional. Many of those 1200 ballots were in the precincts that she carried by 90 to 95%, however what she doesn’t realize, those same stupid people thought they were a registered voter!! Hopefully Tabitha trows them out right off the bat, and doesn’t cave to the downtown pressure.

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