The Pete Meitzner era in Wichita

Wichita City Council Member Pete Meitzner (district 2, east Wichita) is running for a position on the Sedgwick County Commission.

He’s running on his record of economic development. His website says: “Pete’s seven years on the City Council has proven to be a large part of the positive momentum we have recently experienced.”

Let’s take a look at the record. Click here to view a presentation of the numbers.

Example from the presentation. Click the chart to view the presentation.

One thought on “The Pete Meitzner era in Wichita”

  1. Economic development?? Yes like destroying a neighborhood by lying and saying the residential homes are abandoned!! All to get his good ol boys land next to our neighborhood industrial zoned! Pete meitzner is a crook!
    As for unemployment down… Duh. The unemployment payments ran out!
    Pete hasn’t done shit for the citizens. Keep lining those pockets pete.

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