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Tea party impact to be topic of panel

This Friday the Wichita Pachyderm Club features a panel discussion with panelists Susan Estes, Lynda Tyler, and Dion Lefler discussing the topic “What is the political impact, if any, of the Tea Party movement?” Estes is Field Director for Americans for Prosperity-Kansas, Tyler is head of Kansans for Liberty and organizer of the last two tea party events in Wichita, and Lefler is a Wichita Eagle reporter who covers politics at several levels.

All are welcome to attend Pachyderm club meetings. The program costs $10, which includes a delicious buffet lunch including salad, soup, two main dishes, and ice tea and coffee. The meeting starts at noon, although it’s recommended to arrive fifteen minutes early to get your lunch before the program starts.

The Wichita Petroleum Club is on the ninth floor of the Bank of America Building at 100 N. Broadway (north side of Douglas between Topeka and Broadway) in Wichita, Kansas (click for a map and directions). Park in the garage just across Broadway and use the sky walk to enter the Bank of America building. Bring your parking garage ticket to be stamped and your parking fee will be only $1.00. There is usually some metered and free street parking nearby.

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  1. LonnythePlumber March 15, 2010

    I find it interesting that Dion will be there. If I come will I need to wear a tie? No one throws food do they? Ha

  2. Bob Weeks Post author | March 15, 2010

    Lonny, Pachyderm is pretty casual — no formal dress code, although John Todd always wears a coat and tie. Dion Lefter or other Eagle reporters attend from time to time to write news stories about the speakers. I’d generate more coverage if only I had the time.

  3. John Todd March 15, 2010

    Please join us. As Bob said, we have no formal dress code. Guests are always welcome. The cost of the meeting is $10 and includes an excellent buffet lunch.

  4. Joel Weihe March 16, 2010

    I am so looking forward to this presentation. Susan Estes is a knowledgeable in good politics and very well informed.
    I always learn something of value.
    Lynda Tyler I don’t know as well but she seems tireless in her efforts to protect Americans rights to liberty and freedom.

  5. Joel Weihe March 16, 2010

    and you can wear a tie if you want to! :)

  6. LonnythePlumber March 16, 2010

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to it. I’m curious to see if I end up wearing a tie.

  7. Jackie March 17, 2010

    Guess someone better count the ties!

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