Nashville Shows Need for Kansas Property Tax Reform

Using the small town of Nashville, Kansas, a KWCH Television news story shows why property tax reform is needed in Kansas.

Specifically, reform of the appraisal process is required. In Nashville, just by cleaning up his property, a homeowner’s property taxes doubled. Proposition K would, in part, introduce predictable growth in appraisals, which would eliminate situations like this in Nashville.

The KWCH news story by reporter Kim Wilhelm, which includes video, is Prop K Could Change Your Property Taxes.

For more information on Proposition K, see these links:

Proposition K Will Make Property Taxes Fairer and More Predictable, a news release at the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy.
House committee hears call for property tax overhaul today, a news story at Kansas Liberty.

By Bob Weeks

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  • Charlotte -

    As a neighborhood leader fighting to keep my neighborhood clean, we need to work on this issue when a property is cleaned up, the taxes are raised. Clean neighborhoods give a message to the gangs that they are not welcome here.

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