Here’s Why Kansans Need to Take Control

As an introduction to my post What Impact do Kansas Voters Have on Judges?, Todd Epp of Kansas Watch writes “Um, this lawyer suggests, hopefully none?!”

My post mentions Kansas University Law Professor Stephen Ware‘s call for an end to the lawyer-dominated process of selection Kansas judges. Mr. Epp’s reaction — and he is a lawyer — should strengthen the resolve of Kansans to take control of this process away from lawyers and their narrow self-interest.


  • Do we want People’s Tribunals like the Soviets and Communists Chinese used? I don’t think so. If you believe in justice, you want a dispassionate, uninfluenced judiciary. Many judges are elected. The citizens have influence through that part of the process.

    Todd D. Epp, Esq
    Kansas Watch,

  • Bob Weeks -

    “People’s Tribunals,” Todd? Isn’t that a little far-fetched? Just because people would be selecting judges?

    Right now the selection process is dominated by lawyers, and that’s ample reason for a change.

  • “Many judges are elected. The citizens have influence through that part of the process.”

    Wow, spoken like a true lawyer.

    An “uninfluenced” judiciary is a pipe dream. Right now, Kansas is the only state where lawyers are a majority in the selection of State Supreme Court justices. Lawyers would have us believe that they have no political leanings and make non-partisan decisions. However if I were to believe that, I’d have to watch pigs fly too.

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