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Seeding Bobby Jindal attacks, for later harvest

The Left builds a “paper trail” of false information about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Should he become a contender for national office, these false attacks will be dug up and presented as authoritative.

Erick Erickson explains when you click on The Importance of the Coordinated Attacks on Bobby Jindal. Also click on VIDEO PROOF the Left Is Lying About Bobby Jindal (Updated) at the Gateway Pundit.

Mark Parkinson, Potential Kansas Governor

A few items, present and past, about Mark Parkinson, who may be the governor of Kansas before long:

Parkinson prepares to fill governor role (Wichita Eagle)

Parkinson, former GOP rising star in Kansas, could become governor as Democrat. A look at Parkinson and his career by David Klepper of the Kansas City Star.

Mark Parkinson Wikipedia entry. At one time this was a fawning testimonial, the background section opening with “A successful businessman and former legislator, Mark is a native Kansan who grew up in Wichita and now resides in Olathe. Mark’s family has its roots in Scott City, where they still operate a family farm.”

Ex-Kansas GOP Chair Switches Affiliation

Parkinson’s party switch causes debate: Conservatives don’t see move as sign of pendulum shifting

Mark Parkinson’s ex-stepmom posed in Playboy

Sebelius Names Parkinson as Lt. Governor Candidate. Coverage from the Kansas Democratic Party website.

Kansas City Tea Party Protest Photos

Coverage of a snowy Kansas City tea party protest provided by Chuck Armstrong. Click on Kansas City Tea Party: February 28, 2009.

Coverage from the Kansas Meadowlark is at “Tea Party” Rally and March to Senator McCaskill’s Office in Kansas City.

Also photos at Kansas City “Tea Party” (Stimulus and Bailout Protest).

Wichita Tea Party News Coverage on KSN Television

The Wichita Tea Party protest as covered by KSN Television, February 27, 2009. A very good job by reporter Josh Witsman.

“Someone needs to go and cut up Congress and President Obama’s credit card, because it’s not their credit card — it’s our credit card.”

Wichita Tea Party Citizen Report

A citizen report submitted by John Todd. Photos are available by clicking here. More coverage and video can be viewed by clicking here.

An estimated 100-plus citizen activists assembled today near Second and Waco Streets to participate in a protest of the federal stimulus package and bailouts. The event was billed as The Wichita Tea Party. Two men drove 200 miles from Garden City to attend. Other Kansans were here from Abilene, Hutchinson, Andover, and Augusta.

A gentleman from the Kansas City area came dressed in a pink pig suit with a sign denouncing “pork spending.” He delighted the crowd.

In addition to children, one lady brought her dog with a protest sign around his neck, reading “I didn’t read it either.”

A couple of middle-aged women from Wichita arrived early at the event indicating that this was their first involvement in citizen activism, and that they were hot about the stimulus spending that was emanating from Washington.

Staffers from Congressman Todd Tiahrt’s office participated along with dozens of like-minded citizens and several activist coalitions complaining about the stimulus.

The crowd carried signs, waved at passing cars whose drivers honked and gave thumbs-up signs marking their approval of the tax protest movement.

The event was a tremendous success and shows just what grassroots citizen activists can do to express their feelings of frustration towards a government that appear to have lost sight of the people who actually pay the bills. A general feeling among the crowd was that many of our leaders in Washington are moving our country towards an involuntary redistribution of wealth known as socialism.

They also appreciate the members of the Kansas congressional delegation who voted against the stimulus package.

Wichita Tea Party Photos

Wichita Tea Party, February 27, 2009

In Wichita, it was a cold day with a freezing wind, but quite a few protesters –human, canine, and porcine — came out to show their displeasure with the direction of our country. Appreciation was also expressed for the members of the Kansas Congressional delegation who voted against stimulus pork and bailouts.

Wichita Tea Party, February 27, 2009

Click here for more photos from this event. Or, click here for an automatic slideshow.

See more coverage by clicking on Wichita Tea Party.

Articles of Interest

Subsidizing Bad Ideas What are some of the things wrong with the president’s plan to solve the mortgage crisis? Howie Rich of Americans For Limited Government explains: “First, the plan is emblematic of America’s new “dependence mentality,” which is advanced by politicians like Obama who rhetorically extol the virtues that once made this country great while they systematically remove brick-by-brick the incentives needed to make it great once again. Second, it’s more of the same smoke-and-mirrors Washington politicians employ to hide the true coming-and-goings of your tax dollars in our nation’s capital. Third, it rewards many of the same financial institutions whose mistakes have helped bring this nation to the brink of fiscal ruin – and incentivizes them to make those same mistakes all over again.”

Judging Obama John Stossel explains some of the problems in judging the success of failure of President Obama’s economic interventions, and who should get the credit or blame.

Obama Gives Failing Schools a Pass: The day of reckoning has arrived — except for teachers’ unions (Chester E. Finn Jr. & Michael J. Petrilli in National Review). “This is classic Obama, straddling the Democratic divide on education, just as he did so deftly during the campaign, striving to placate both the reformers within the party and the union bosses. … It’s no accident that our schools aren’t producing enough well-educated graduates; that’s because the system has been designed to place the needs of adults over the needs of kids. But saying any of that would put him at odds with the education establishment, which he doesn’t appear to want to cross.” More indication that President Obama will not implement any meaningful education reform.

Zoomdweebie’s builds success on Twitter (Wichita Eagle). A Wichita business uses social media like Twitter to boost business.

The Government’s War on Recession. Lew Rockwell explains some of the problems and dangers with the way the Obama administration is attacking the problems with the economy: “The economics of stimulus are not as complicated. They amount to taking from some and giving to others. There is no wealth creation at all. There is no magic ‘multiplier’ to turn stones into bread. The economics of stimulus is value-destroying, because property is pried loose from owners who are putting it to socially useful purposes, and given to government so it can pass it out to friends. This process is costly to overall wealth production — and most of those costs are unseen. We will never know what kind of real stimulus could have taken place had the property been left in private hands. What jobs might have been created, what investments might have been made, what kind of business expansions might have taken place? We will never know.”

In Wichita, Angry Citizens Revive Boston Tea Party Protest

Wichita Tea Party organizer Nancy Armstrong talks about Friday’s Wichita Tea Protest on KAKE Television:

Coverage at KAKE Television is at Angry Citizens Revive Boston Tea Party Protest.

Other stories at Voice For Liberty in Wichita are at
Wichita Tea Party
Area Residents Plan Wichita Tea Party
Wichita Tea Party, from AFP

Read the Bill

The Sunlight Foundation has created the website This site contains information about how bills such as the recent stimulus bill aren’t read by members of Congress of their staff before they’re voted on.

The Sunlight Foundation asks for Congress to post all bills online for 72 hours before they are debated.

There’s a lot of useful information and a video on this site, as well as an online petition to sign.

Wichita Tea Party, from AFP

Here’s a message from Americans For Prosperity’s Kansas state director Derrick Sontag about the Wichita Tea Party this Friday.

It started with people like you, logging on and signing our petition at, and now we have a full-blown grassroots movement on our hands.

One such activist, Nancy Armstrong, supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary and even went on the road, campaigning for the former New York Senator. But while on the campaign trail, Nancy learned more than she anticipated about the Obama campaign. Now she’s joining the fight against the massive deficit spending bill by organizing the Wichita Tea Party, part of the nationwide grassroots movement that’s spreading like wildfire from coast to coast.

Join Nancy at a rally this Friday outside Senator Sam Brownback’s Wichita office:

Wichita Tea Party
11:30 a.m., Friday, Feb. 27
Senator Sam Brownback’s Office ( Farm Credit Bank Building, 245 N. Waco, Wichita)

Let’s help support this cause tomorrow — bring your homemade signs and show your appreciation to Sen. Brownback for opposing this federal bailout bill, and your frustration for this bloated spending bill.

This stimulus package is not only detrimental to our national economy, but it has immediate implications right here in Kansas. Our state faces a $1 billion budget shortfall, and we need budget reform — now. This federal bailout bill for the states will be too much of a temptation for our legislators, who may see this as a way to avoid making those tough budget decisions that come with real and meaningful budget reform.

Area Residents Plan Wichita Tea Party

Grassroots movement sweeps into Wichita with anti-stimulus rally

WICHITA — Grassroots activists in Wichita will rally outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office on Friday, to show their appreciation to the senator for opposing the federal stimulus bill, and to demonstrate their frustration with big government spending.

Nancy Armstrong, Garden Plain, organized the rally at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 27 outside Sen. Sam Brownback’s office (245 N. Waco, Wichita).

Sen. Brownback voted against the federal bailout bill. Armstrong said Friday’s rally is intended to thank the Senator for standing in opposition to this bill, but also to let everyday Kansans vent their frustration with the current spending in Congress.

Armstrong previously worked for the 2008 presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton, but has since devoted her efforts to opposing the big-government, liberal schemes put forth by Congress and the Obama Administration.

“The powers in Washington are out of touch with the American people,” said Armstrong. “But Americans taxpayers are not going to take all of this spending lying down.

“We’ll keep reminding our elected officials that we’re not happy with this ‘porkulus’ bill, and we’ll certainly remember this in the 2010 elections.”

The Wichita Tea Party will be held simultaneously with local tea parties nationwide as part of a growing nationwide movement allowing everyday citizens to voice their opposition to the federal stimulus package.

For more information, contact Nancy Armstrong at 316-990-6009 or

Public education illustrates special interest politics

One of the problems with government today is the proliferation of special interest groups, and then how issues are framed according to the needs of these special interest groups.

You might think that public education would fall outside the wrangling of special interest groups. After all, it’s “for the kids,” as we’re reminded. But the public schools and their lobby are one of the fiercest special interest groups.

Even conservatives fall into this trap and may ask “what’s in it for me?” or “what is my relationship to this issue?” Here’s an example.

On a recent episode of the KPTS television public affairs program Ask Your Legislator, a Kansas Representative, a conservative Republican, introduced his answer to a question about Kansas education funding this way:

“I share the gentleman’s concern about public education since my wife is a teacher. I have no children in public schools at this time because they have all grown and left the public schools.”

Why did he feel it was necessary to introduce his remarks this way? Is he saying that because his wife works for the public schools, he has an interest in their funding? That’s characteristic of special interests and their supporters.

Or, since he has no children that attend public schools, he is less interested in their funding? Again, evidence of special interests at work.

This Kansas House Member has a very good ranking from the Kansas Taxpayers Network, so he has proven conservative fiscal credentials. So I hate to pick on him.

But this serves to illustrate how entrenched special interest politics are. We don’t even recognize it.