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Posts published in “Quick takes”

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday October 10, 2011

Today: AFP meeting features former Congressman Tiahrt; Government planning; Longwell joins Democrats to defeat Republicans; Optimal size of government; Steve Jobs; Lieutenant Governor in Wichita; When governments cut spending.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Friday September 23, 2011

Today: Downtown Wichita site launched; Keystone pipeline hearing, bus trip; Health care reform; Pompeo defends against Obama's attack on aviation; Wichita corporate welfare opposed; The trap of job creation.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday September 12, 2011

Today: TIF not good for everyone, it seems; Wichita City Council; Williams lecture not noticed; Energy and politics to be topic; Pompeo on ideological internships; Spending to create jobs; Kansas education summit; Why liberals should like libertarian ideas.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Friday September 9, 2011

Today: A citizen call to action; Troubles with Kansas City tax increment financing; Effects of stimulus on hiring; Kansas education summit; Why should conservatives like libertarian ideas?

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Tuesday September 6, 2011

Today: Live music example of overcriminilization, regulation in Wichita; Tax reform in Kansas; Downtown Wichita site launched; Juvenile justice system to be topic; Campaign contributions flow to Wichita's subsidy supporters; Organ events; Urban planning in Wichita: an outside perspective.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday August 29, 2011

Today: Wichita City Council; Government and business; Developer welfare shop opened; 'Kansans United' formed; Kansas education summit; No Wichita Pachyderm this week; Myths of capitalism.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday August 15, 2011

Today: Kansas economic development welfare promoted; "Birth of Freedom" screening; Kansas Republicans meet; Wichita City Council; Kansas values to be topic of speech; Libertarianism explained.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Friday August 5, 2011

Today: Jobs report; Sedgwick County budget; There are emergencies, and then there aren't; Debt ceiling bill seen as feckless; Higher fuel standards mean higher death toll; Myths about markets; What are rights?

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday August 1, 2011

Today: Debt deal seen as victory for smaller government; Wichita city council; Sedgwick County Commission; Obama on the debt ceiling, 2006 version; New Wichita city council members; Project moves forward, despite missing welfare; Wichita downtown restaurants; Cato University.

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