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The right to health care

Is there a right to health care in America?

If you believe in liberty, the answer is no.

In Wichita, concern shown for direction of health care

Today, about 30 activists gathered in Wichita to express their concern over the possible takeover of health care by the government. For me, what I will remember from today is the story told by Wendy Aylworth about the death of her cousin's daughter.

Health rations and you

Normally I shy away from using humor when discussing such a serious issue as health care. But this is a humorous look at what lies ahead if we're not diligent.

Canadian health care: a personal story of tragedy

Here's a message -- much more than that, a heartfelt story -- I received from my friend Wendy Aylworth. She cares very deeply about the direction America is headed regarding health care. Now her family has suffered a tragedy caused by government control of medicine. Here's her story.

World Health Organization ranking biased, not reliable

A letter in the Wichita Eagle written by Bread Beachy of Wichita makes the case for "so-called socialized medicine" to be brought to the United States. Part of Beachy's argument relies on a ranking produced by the World Health Organization. That ranking has a number of problems.

Obama-style health care: the effects in England

In the debate of what to do about health care, advocates -- such as President Obama -- cite countries that spend much less than the United States. An example is the United kingdom.

The president believes that if we can control costs through better medical practice and efficiency gains, we too can have more health card provided at less cost.

In Wichita, protest of ABC’s Obama coverage

Here's a message from a local patriot and activist. She is rightly concerned about ABC News -- the national organization, not the local affiliate -- and its upcoming coverage of the Obama administration.

Protest in Wichita in front of ABC affiliate KAKE news TV at 1500 N. West St., Wichita this Wednesday, June 24th starting at 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please join us! We are protesting the fact ABC is propagandizing the American public and deceiving them.

Government health care rations by making patients wait

David Gratzer, a physician born and raised in Canada, gives us in the United States a preview of what government health care is all about: the waiting. He ends up asking "Why are [Americans] rushing into a system of government-dominated health care when the very countries that have experienced it for so long are backing away?"

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