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Posts published in “Free markets”

Export-Import Bank threatens a revival

Business groups and government agencies usually favor Ex-Im. Free-market and capitalism advocacy groups are almost universally opposed.

Does Kansas have its own Solyndra?

Does Kansas have its own version of Solyndra, the politically-connected firm that failed and cost taxpayers some $535 billion? We don't know. But the Abengoa cellulosic ethanol plant near Hugoton received a $132.4 million loan guarantee under the same program that benefited Solyndra.

Are you in the top 1%?

Most Americans would be surprised to learn that they are, in fact, in the top one percent of income -- when the entire world is considered. It is economic freedom in America that has been responsible for this high standard of living. But America's ranking among the countries in economic freedom has declined, and may fall further.

Thumbs up for Americans for Prosperity

On the television news program Journal Editorial Report, Potomac Watch columnist for The Wall Street Journal editorial page Kimberley A. Strassel gave a thumbs up to Americans for Prosperity for its work in the recent election.

Coalition to Congress: End the wind production tax credit

The problems with bestowing government favors on wind energy are myriad -- it doesn't produce cheaper energy, it threatens electrical grid reliability, it’s inefficient, it’s unprincipled tax policy, to name a few -- and it’s time to end this misguided handout.

The real free lunch: Markets and private property

As we approach another birthday of Milton Friedman, here's his article where he clears up the authorship of a famous aphorism, and explains how to really get a free lunch

Wichita airfares, on the rise

A survey shows that airfares in Wichita have both fallen and risen in recent years, even though the City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, and the State of Kansas spend millions each year to keep airfares low.

I, Pencil: The Movie

Now in movie form, the story of the humble pencil illustrates the wonder and power of "the spontaneous configuration of creative human energies."

Koch articles draw critics, but few factual

Two large articles in the Wichita Eagle regarding Charles and David Koch of Wichita-based Koch Industries have attracted many comments, and many are not based on facts.

Pickens changes his mind, again

Energy investor T. Boone Pickens has changed his mind about government subsidy of energy markets -- again.

Minimum wage increase not a solution

Those who advocate for a higher minimum wage law appear to have the best interests of workers as their concern. But as is almost always the case when government intervenes into markets, the unintended consequences create more harm than good.

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