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Posts published in “Environment”

Misguided faith

A big "thank you" to Mike Smith for his rebuttal to an op-ed printed in today's Wichita Eagle.

Recycling debate short on reason

Responses to a news story on recycling indicate that the issue is driven more by emotion and misinformation than reason.

For Gasland 2, there will be no dissent allowed

The maker of FrackNation writes "Our mistake was to believe the Tribeca Film Festival’s claims to want diversity of opinion and people who are passionate about film."

FrackNation to tell truth about fracking

A new feature film by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney will present the truth about hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking.

Occupy Koch Town protestors ignore facts

Occupy Koch Town protesters show no concern for facts or reason in their politically-motivated attack on Koch Industries, capitalism, and human progress.

Fracking movie proposed

Filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer produced the 2009 film "Not Evil Just Wrong" that uncovered the myths and misinformation spread by radical environmental extremists. Now the two have looked at fracking and hope to produce a documentary film on this topic.

CSAPR not friendly, not a ghost

Every citizen on the planet bears a responsibility toward stewardship of the environment. In the United States we have been blessed by much improved air and water quality over many decades of dedicated effort. There are, however, practical limits as to how far to push the envelope of "clean."

Fifteen bad things with wind power — and three reasons why

Here's an article full of important observations about the drive to produce more of our electricity from wind power. For example, promoters of wind (and solar) say we can use it to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. But this article points out that only one percent of our electricity is generated from oil.

Greenpeace climate change extremists are hot on the trail

Climate change -- its reality (or not) and man's response to it -- is an important topic and deserves serious discussion. The actions of one of the most prominent and vocal groups promoting a radical global warming agenda, however, aren't fostering greater understanding of the issue, much less an informed debate.

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