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Posts published in “Education”

School choice and funding

Opponents of school choice programs argue the programs harm traditional public schools, both financially and in their ability to serve their remaining students. Evidence does not support this position.

Teachers unions vs. students

There is a dilemma in American education. On the one hand, teachers are essential to student achievement. On the other, teachers unions promote self-interests of their members which are antithetical to the interests of students.

College environmentalists use public records laws

College environmentalists are using public records laws to investigate the circumstances surrounding the hiring of an economist at the University of Kansas.

Common Core Standards explained

Dr. Mary Byrne discusses the background, development and implementation of Common Core State Standards at a recent event in Wichita.

Wichita has school choice, they say

Wichita school superintendent John Allison told Wichitans something they probably didn't know: Parents of Wichita schoolchildren benefit from the district's school choice program.

Kansas teachers union: No competition for us

Kansas National Education Association (KNEA), our state's teachers union, is an effective force that denies Kansas parents the choice as to where to send their children to school. The union also works hard to deny teachers choice in representation.

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