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Posts published in “Economics”

Liberals and economic knowledge

Who might you guess is better informed on issues of economics: liberals who promote government intervention in the economy, or conservatives and libertarians who oppose it?

Please feel free to ignore Lou Dobbs

Television personality Lou Dobbs promotes an economic fallacy: that destruction holds the seeds of economic progress.

Speculators selfishly provide a public service

Speculators are selfish people, acting only to make as much profit as possible for themselves without concern for the welfare of others. By doing so, they provide a valuable public service.

Brinkmanship with jobs

Welcome to the new world of economic development -- playing brinkmanship with job, writes Wichita state University's H. Edward Flentje.

Tax increment financing: TIF has a cost

Supporters of tax increment financing, or TIF, claim that it has no costs. This is true only if one ignores their secondary effects and economic reality.

Growth of Wichita’s Koch Industries profiled

Wichita-based Koch Industries has grown during the recent recession by looking for companies with long-term value that will fit in with Koch's company culture.

Timothy Sandefur: The right to earn a living

Last Friday’s meeting (December 10) of the Wichita Pachyderm Club featured noted Cato Institute scholar, Principal Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, and author Timothy…

Obama’s spending stimulus failed

The spending stimulus plan of President Barack Obama has failed, and new research help us understand why.

Myth of Obama tax cuts

A comparison of the Bush and Obama tax cuts leads to understanding which is productive in producing economic growth.

We can balance the budget without new taxes

Politicians and interest groups claim higher taxes are necessary because it would be impossible to cut spending by enough to get rid of red ink. This Center for Freedom and Prosperity video shows that these assertions are nonsense. The budget can be balanced very quickly by simply limiting the annual growth of federal spending.

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