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Posts published in “Computing”

I lost some data

Yesterday afternoon my web hosting company, which I am satisfied with, suffered a mishap and some data was lost. This site was unavailable for some time, too.

I’ll help you with technology

I hate to see activists struggle with technology. Whether it's creating and managing a blog, using Facebook or Twitter, or just using computers and the Internet effectively, I'd like to help.

Pew Internet and American Life Project Redesign

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has redesigned their website. This organization has been a valuable source of information about the Internet and how…

Please Back Up Your Data

You really need to back up your computer data. It’s as simple as that. There is no form of computer storage that isn’t vulnerable to…

The Google May Shut Off Data

One of the fascinating things about having a website is analyzing how people happen to visit your site. For many sites, referrals from a search…

Maggie Twitters

My friend Maggie Thurber from Toledo explains a bit about Twitter and tweets. See Do you Twitter? from her blog Thurber’s Thoughts. You can follow…

No Google Desktop

Evidently there’s no Google Desktop for 64 bit Windows Vista. How will I survive?

New Computer Setup Today

Last night I bought a new desktop computer. I'd been needing to for a while, as my current computer was about five years old. Everything was becoming slower. I run a lot of software, such as Google desktop indexing (and even another desktop indexing program, if you can figure that out), and my old computer was just overwhelmed.

Liberty Search

Liberty Search is a Google custom search engine that I developed. It searches sites friendly to liberty, capitalism, and free markets, such as,, and many others.

Google Custom Search

Or, visit the page at Google for Liberty Search. This page has more information about this Google custom search engine.

More good computer and Internet things

Google Analytics

If you have a website, you may be interested in knowing how many people visit your site. There are many web counters and other services to give counts of visitors and other statistics, but nothing I have seen comes close to Google Analytics. This free service, available at, provides detailed analysis of the traffic that visits your website. I recommend it for anyone with a website who wants to know more about the site's visitors.

Favorite Internet and computer things

Google Alerts

Google Alerts let you "save" a Google search and have the results emailed to you as new web pages that match your searches are found. This is an invaluable way to keep up-to-date on topics you are interested in.

What is Not Good About Internet Search

The success of the Internet search engine Google is amazing. It has become a cultural phenomena, as “to Google" someone or a topic. The implication is that by using Google, you can find all there is to know about a person or subject.

In my opinion, this attitude can be deceptive. Relying exclusively on Google or any other search engine can lead to conclusions based on erroneous or incomplete sources. For example, The Wall Street Journal, one of the most important sources for research on current topics, is absent from Google. Its content does not appear in searches. That’s because the Wall Street Journal is a subscription service. Readers have to subscribe and pay to view its content. Other subscription services -- and there are many, some being quite expensive -- may not have their content indexed by Google.

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